Here are the top 3 highest selling Cars in Pakistan 2016.


Pakistan is still the under-developed country that’s why we don’t see luxury cars in Pakistan in huge number. There are a small number of luxury cars as compared to other countries.

Here are the top 3 highest selling cars in Pakistan:

Toyota Corolla

Toyota company is the largest car maker company in the world. Toyota launched its new model of cars in every month. But the Corolla car is the most selling in Pakistan. Pakistani people highly liked Toyota Corolla in Pakistan. According to the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), they said that 23,384 units were sold in first five months in Pakistan. Mostly business man and their families used that car.

Toyota Corolla launched three models of Corolla including, XLI, GLI, Altis. People like that because the consumption of Corolla is lower than other cars. It is a very smooth car. People can find cars parts in reasonable price in and easily in Pakistan.

Honda City

Honda City is one of the best car in Pakistan and standing at the fifth number. According to the company, 8,682 units were sold in five years in Pakistan. Honda city is 1300 CC high-tech car and store 42 litres fuel, and has beautiful interior and exterior design. The automatic version is also available in Honda City car. Its cost around Rs. 16,49,000 and manual version cost around Rs. 15,08,000

Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki is the largest car manufacturer company in Pakistan. It is the best car for a family at such reasonable price. According to the company they sold 8,273 units in very short period of time. Cultus has comfortable seating, good space for cargo, stylish design of exterior and interior. 40 litres fuel store in car tank.

Suzuki Cultus is 1000 cc car. It cost around Rs. 1,034,000 and with CNG its cost around Rs. 1,109,000. Suzuki cultus gave best fuel consumption as compared to other cars.

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