Top 5 countries with fastest internet speed in the world


Top 5 countries with fastest internet speed in the world:

These were the top 5 countries with fastest internet speed in the world. This article is about the World Top 5 Countries which provide Fastest internet speed. If we talk about the internet or the needs of an internet so in this modern world that’s a necessary thing for everyone because the internet gives you access to hold your business to get a lot of information as well as connect with your fellows. So everyone needs the fastest internet speed no one wants to wait for its work so today we will discuss the 5 top countries in the world which provide fastest internet speed.

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The list of 5 top fastest internet speed providers countries is given below:

1: Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is on the top of this list, Hong Kong provides more than 54.1 Mbps internet speed. this internet speed will take more than 70 sec to download High definition quality movie with any failure.

2: South Korea:

South Korea is on the 2nd position to providing fastest internet service in South Korea country. They are providing more than 48.9 Mbps. The internet speed of South Korea is less than the Hong Kong.

3: Japan:

Japan they are providing 42.9 Mbps internet speed in Japan so that’s why they are in the 3rd position in the list of top 5 countries of fastest internet service providers.

4: Latvia:

Latvia is at 4 number in the list of top 5 countries which providing fastest internet speed. Latvia providing more than 37.5 Mbps.

5: Romania:

Romania is on the 5th number they are providing more than 37.3 Mpps internet speed in Romania.

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