Here are the top 3 most fuel efficient cars in Pakistan.


Here is the list of best 3 cars who gave the best fuel consumption than other cars in Pakistan.


Toyota is the largest car manufacturer company in the world. They launched its new model cars every year. People like to use Toyota company cars. especially in Pakistan. Toyota launch its Toyota Prius Hybrid car. Hybrid cars is one of the best fuel consumption car in the world. Toyota Prius Hybrid gave up to 26 Km per litre. Even people can drive under 60 speed it travels in just 9.8 seconds on 134 horsepower.

It is the best fuel consumption car as compared to other cars. it is also known as fuel saving car. According to the driving experience, Toyota Prius is the best family car.


Honda is one of the most lovable car in Pakistan and best-selling car in Pakistan. Honda recently launched its Hybrid edition with better fuel consumption. Honda Civic Hybrid gave up to 18 Km per litre. Honda Civic Hybrid, people can use as a luxury car in Pakistan. Mostly the business car or economy class traveller can use Honda Civic Hybrid in Pakistan.


Honda city is the most favourite car in Pakistan because of its fuel efficiency. Honda city is also one of the best-selling cars in Pakistan. Honda City Hybrid gave up to 16 km per litre. People love to use because of its quality driving experience. It can touch up to 60 within 10 seconds.

Honda city has 1.3l Engine, stylish exterior and interior. The price around Rs. 15,00,000 to Rs. 17,00,000 in Pakistan. Honda city hybrid available at a reasonable price.

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