We see small stones and rocks every day but you have ever wondered what we can do with them besides piling them somewhere? Thankfully, an artist from Japan has special ideas to create an extraordinary thing with them.

Meet Akie Nakata (known simply as Akie), a Japanese artist who is catching the attention of people around the world with her art paintings. She transforms seemingly ‘boring’ stones into tiny animals you can hold in your hand.

Akie believes that each rock has a story to tell, so she decides to change their lives through art. In order to create paintings, she often chooses the stones she can see animals in. She then carefully paints the stone’s surfaces with acrylic paint. From cats and dogs to owls, mice, and even an entire opossum family, each of Akie’s stone animals looks super realistic.

Ever since she was a child, Akie loved collecting stones and painting. She started painting rocks in 2011 after she found a particular stone that looked like a rabbit while talking a walk along the river bank.

Although a stone isn’t a living organism, it’s hard to deny how wonderful her creations are. Scroll down to take a look at some of her incredible work on the list below. If you love her paintings, you can follow her Facebook to see more of her awesome artwork.