Thinking out of the box for selling Eid ul Azha Animlas


Eid ul azha, which is also known as Sacrifice Feast, is second biggest festival celebrated in Muslim Culture all over the world. This beautiful event is celebrated because it honors the acceptance of Hazrat Ibrahim’s(AS) sacrifice for the love and sake of Allah as Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) without any second though on God’s command was all their to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail (AS)

Since childhood every Muslim kid knows the history of this sacrifice feast, let’s just take a flash back and imagine how elders in the family beautifully describe us the reason why we celebrate this Eid. Every 10th of Dhu al- hijjah , Muslim Families according to their financial stability choose a halal animal to sacrifice it for the love of Allah.

But as a matter of fact things are changed, so is the society and values. Every single person in their respective field is becoming a part of race where all of them wants to stand at first place and because of that People have started following different practices, unique marketing strategies, to promote their products and give them the hype so the audience approach it. In order of thinking out of the box, it makes people forget their limits and might disturb the purity and morality of matters. But believe me thinking out of the box is not always a great
Let’s take a look at the latest trend of how the sellers are promoting their animal not even thinking once that these animals are for the purpose of Sunnat-e-Ibraheemi

Cutting story to short it has been trending in different social medium that eid ul azha animals are promoted with the girls dancing around them as it a little easier to grab attention of the audience and I guess lessens the hard work of seller as they do not need to shout out loud in the arena (Mandi)

Now the question is why on earth a women needs to dance around the animal and not just an animal, an animal for Eid ul azha , (a little focus on Eid ul azha because the intent matters a lot). And extremely shocked on the people who played this vulgar shot and don’t know what to say for those on whom this strategy actually worked and it really grabbed the attention of the audience.

Like seriously guys! This Glamour factor of women dancing with Eid ul Azha Animals does not suits here at all. It Kills the Purity of sacrifice and pure aims as well which is even more hurting
Since years all we heard about this pure event that Allah does not receive the meat or the blood of the Eid ul azha animals, what HE THE Almighty admires is the pure intentions. And that is all HE accepts. And making a women dance for the promotion purpose does not make your QURBANI pure.
We need to realize that some things are meant to be pure and honored, disrespecting it with vulgar marketing traits for the sake of business or money is disappointing.
Wrapping it up on wishing you all a very prosperous, and safe Eid,

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