The World First 5G Foldable Phone Huawei Mate X

Huawei Mate X, the smartphone that has not only two but three screens and it folds like Samsung Fold. Unlike Samsung Fold, Huawei Mate X folds in reverse fashion, provides a larger display than Samsung Fold.

Huawei as design genius brings a whole new experience to Mate X. This doesn’t open like a book but it folds out, like a wristwatch. It got a uniquely engineered impressive Falcon Wing Design, they called this artistical well-crafted design as Falcon Hinge.


The OLED display is made to serve Three different functions, like when the phone is unfolded, you can use it as Tablet. When the phone is folded you can use the primary display as a regular smartphone with the thickness of just 11mm. There is another display the rear on when folded it has a separate selfie camera, which serves the purpose of a mirror while taking a selfie with the main camera as well. Which is a purely new experience to take selfies with the Primary Camera while looks at yourself.

The Display Huawei Mate X Offer When Folded and UnFolded

The Display Huawei Mate X Offer When Folded and UnFolded

The Display Huawei Mate X Offer When Folded and UnFolded

  • 6.6-inch (19.5:9 aspect ratio, 2480 x 1148 resolution) main display, when folded.
  • 6.4-inch (25:9, 2480 x 892) rear display, when folded.
  • 8-inch (8:7.1, 2480 x 2200) main display, when unfolded.

Falcon Hinge

The Hing has triple LECIA Cameras set up, Flash, and a Push button which also serves as a Fingerprint Scanner.

Falcon Hinge 

Falcon Hinge


Mate X is powered by 4,500mAh battery, with Huawei improved Super charge facilitate the phone to charge 85 percent in just 30 minutes, which is real fast.



Storage Options

Mate X has a RAM option of 8 GB and Internal Storage of 512 GB, which may change with the pricing when it gets released in the middle of this year. It has a dual-SIM card slot, or you can add one of Huawei’s Nano-Memory Cards.

Mate X has Huawei’s in-house Kirin 980 processor which is really a beast when it comes to performance.

It also has the brand new BALONG 5000 5G  Chipset so it is 5G ready device.


Like Samsung Fold, Mate X has also the power of multitasking at the same time. Like you can browse the internet, write a memo and drag images to your email.


Huawei is pricing the Mate X at €2,299 which is a bit costly but the phone offers so much that the cost is not a major issue for Mate X lover.








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