The Present Condition Of Rawal Dam show seriousness of Pakistan’s Water issue


Islamabad : Rawal Dam is located in the capital of Pakistan. Rawal dam is one the most important source of water in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Low rainfall and extreme hot weather have turn it dry.

According to news reporter, Islamabad Rawal Dam has reached to low level with almost half of the water reservoirs dried up.

The southern side of the lake is drying up very quickly .Th southern side is also open for view.Th southern side is also open for view .The lake is also one of the best picnic site for Islamabad and Rawalpindi citizens.The number of visitors at the dam has decreasing notably due to drying up .

You can also see the present condition of Rawal Dam in the pics below:

This Eid very few people have visited this dam due to decreasing water level significantly. Now most of the area of the dam looks like a desert.

Due to shortage of water in Rawal dam ,the authorities is also facing problems to supply water to Islamabad and Rawalpindi .

In April 2018 Managing  Directors Raja Shaukat Mehmood had said that the amount of storage water in two cities is enough to meet the requirements till monsoon season.It is also suggested that in the next 20 years, the water demands will increase to 79 million gallons per day in Rawalpindi.However the present sources of water storage cannot meet the needs of Rawalpindi in next years.So ,government should have built new water sources during the next 3-4 years.

It is predict that the Monsoon will start on June 30.More rain i expected in coming july and August ,that will fill up the water reservoir.

It is requested to citizens of these two cities to save water.Saving Water is now more vital than ever.

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Arooj Fatima


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