The Most Hardest To Land Airport In The World (paro Airport)


Paro airport or most commonly called the most dangerous airport in the world is located in the himalayas and is around 5,500 m (18,000 ft) above sea level,  6 km from the city of Paro in a very deep valley on the banks of PARO CHUU  River.

The valley is known for having really strong winds causing high turbulence and the sheer length of the runway is just 6,500 ft long making only 8 pilots in the world to be certified to land on this airport.

Paro Airport’s view

The airport is surrounded by houses making the landing even harder because the pilot is just a few metres above taking the houses with the plane, but because of the city having 30,000 visitors every year only one airline known as “Buddha Air” is allowed to land there.

Plane on Paro Airport

Watch below the reason why the passengers call the landing as “terrifying” :




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Sufyan Khan


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