The First Phone With Five Cameras Array on Back Nokia 9 PureView


Mobile World Congress 2019 is fully equipped with some of the best challenging models. From Samsung Fold to Huawei Mate X there are some of the world great tech unveiled. Firing the competition Nokia 9 also revealed its stunner this year.

Nokia 9 let’s count not 1 or 2 but it has five cameras on it’s back that looks amazing. With an additional camera on the front, in total there are 6 cameras. Nokia is all about its durable design and cameras, the promise they are keeping for so many years. Let’s talk Nokia 9 Cameras in details.

Nokia 9 PureView Cameras

The Nokia 9 PureView uses a 12-MegaPixel Camera sensor and an f/1.8 lens for all of its five cameras. Three of them shoots Monochrome images and the remaining two shoot in RGB(colors).

When you press the shutter all five cameras start shooting different exposures at the same time, to capture the finest details and colors. Then all the scenes merged into an extra ultra finer detailed image.

Nokia is claiming that each camera has the freedom to capture as many scenes to make the final result impressive. Nokia is using the SnapDragon 845 Processor which basically can handle three cameras at a time. But Nokia told that they have been working with Qualcomm to make some major improvements.

Due to SnapDragon 845, the image processing power of the phone is a bit slow. It takes 10-15 seconds to simulate the final detailed shoot which is a bit longer wait.

Nokia is using the Light’s Lux Capacitor camera-control chip to manage all five cameras. L16 of Light is the first phone to use 16 cameras to simulate a single detailed shoot. The Nokia 9 PureView just offers a single focal length which is a bit disappointment.

Nokia partnered with Adobe, they are giving LightRoom Studio for free with the Nokia 9. The phone is really quick while using LightRoom but a little slow while using Google Photo. One can further edit his/her images with LightRoom before putting them on social media.

The star is the cameras here in Nokia 9, the design just resembles Pixel 3 or Samsung s9.

Nokia 9 PureView is HMD’s most high-end phone so far, the fingerprint sensor is in the display, it is also equipped with the face-unlock system.


Nokia 9 storage options are; 6 GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage and IP67 waterproofing. The display is 5.99 inches 2k OLED and the battery is 3,320 mAh. There is no headphone jack. They use Gorilla Glass on Front and Back to make it more firm.



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