The Creators Of The Witchers Get $7 million for future development from the Polish Government


The Company who created the Witcher Trilogy deserves some importance and so are they the Polish government is giving the company $7.3 Million. CD Projekt RED are more than lucky that the government are supporting them four their four projects

The four projects that got approval are as followed:

  • City Creation: Technology which can help them create “live” cities which can be played in real time on the rules of artificial intelligence.
  • Improved Multiplayer: The use of new technology will enable them to improve on multiplayer gaming by providing the unique gameplay and other new multiplayer features.
  • Cinema Like Feel: They are going to use technology to give the game more enhanced quality and real life like feel.
  • Improved Animation: In short it means that the Creators will improve on their game quality which will make their RPG games look real like.

The President Of the company is really excited for the companie to reach such success:

“I am confident that the resulting innovative solutions will further elevate the quality of Polish videogames and enhance our competitiveness on the global stage. Indeed, our industry now has the potential to become the champion of the modern Polish economy.”

The companies upcoming game will be Cyberpunk and you guys know what to expect from the creators of Majot titles such as the Witcher.

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Sufyan Khan


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