The Breaking News of Galaxy Fold Screen Breaking


Samsung at Mobile World Congress stunned the world with leading the industry to launch first Foldable screen smartphone. The Fold becomes the first phone to have an actual folding screen. Later on, Huawei Mate X joined the race with a much larger display. But Fold hit the market in April when the review models delivered to reviewers.

After a day or two of using this design genius phone, some user starts facing screen issues. Most of the issues to us seem to be the users’ fault but some are genuine issues. Samsung Launches review models so that the faults may be tackle before starting commercial sales.

Galaxy Fold Screen Breaks

Samsung said there are two sides of the story, as Samsung addressed that they are thoroughly investigating the damaged units. There may be some kind of issue between the screen and the hinge but Samsung doesn’t have any clear answers yet. This is what we call addressable issues if the issue isn’t fixed this is going to be a big problem for the company.

The second problem is related to the users and it’s not the manufacturing defect. Some users peel off a protective plastic layer that was adhered to the screen itself. The attempt to peel off the protective plastic layer breaks the screen of the Samsung Fold. They called this protective layer as Polymer. Samsung gives clears warning not to peel off the layer with each unit delivered.

It is very important to investigate the problem properly before sales begin. Both the issues are equally important to address because after commercial sales begin there will be no room to error.

This is not the good news for Samsung, in both cases, this is going to affect sales by a huge percent. Either Techincal issue or some users remove the Polymer protective layer from the screen. As users tweeted that the protective layer was removable but Samsung replied that this isn’t the case. As the clear warning was written by Samsung of the phone not to remove the polymer layer.

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