Telenor Pakistans network Will Cut 170 Jobs in Norway – Telenor re-organize its Technology Divisions.


Telenor Pakistans largest mobile network withdraws 170 jobs in Norway. They are re-organized its technology and Broadband service. It will be in process on 1 April 2017. Telenor will cut 170 jobs for their digital shift. Telenor company also said that they are a response to ongoing technology shifts.

source: Today’s Pak

This re-organization will help in new technology. The CEO of Telenor Norway Berit Svendsen said that may this move is tough for some time but its very important for new technology and this is also the part of the company. He said that,

Competition in our markets is harder than ever, and if we are to maintain competitiveness in the future, such changes are crucial. We are working to establish new competencies in the company to meet the rapid technological development

The changes will appear on 1st April 2017.

And the Svendsen also added for those who leave the jobs, the job will be offered better packages and more facilities from company. He added that,

It’s hard to make changes that mean good colleagues will lose their jobs. Our main priority going forward is to ensure an orderly process, with useful information to our employees who will be affected.


The Telenor Company Norway has 3,900 employees in 24 offices. After the plan offices will remain open after re-organizing the company. A few days ago, Google also announced the partnership with Telenor for advance messaging service app, Rich Communication Service (RCS). REC app is the fastest messaging service will be launched in Pakistan soon. It will also launch in Europe and Asian countries and this service will be available only for android users who have Telenor network.

Telenor users who already have the Messenger app in their android mobiles, they will automatically get updates and they will use RCS service. Who don’t have the app on their mobile, they need to download in mobile phones from Google Play Store. 


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