Telenor Survey: Pakistani peoples can responsible against Cyberbullying.


Telenor Group, they will survey Asia’s Multi-Markets online bullying and risks are still concerns. Asian parents feel that their youth are responsible. According to the Global Telecom, their efforts make the internet safe for youth.

Source: morenews

Basically, the survey approached to the parents all over the Asia and get parents opinions on internet affecting for youth and they will also get their answers how they deal with it.

This survey on Facebook with 320 responsible persons from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand other all over the Asian countries. They are also targeted to facebook users, who have family issues, online security and child welfare.


They are discussing only the topic on cyberbullying with youth and they will help on better empathize with victims. They have also said that 46% of respondents say to their children about the internet ‘All The Time’ and online activities behaviour, 39% discussed with their children sometimes, 12% said that they never spoke to their children about this topic.

How to cyberbullying experiences affected the child:

On the question multi-layered answers, many children in Asia learning how to deal with bullying online. Nowadays youth better know about which social networks are safe or unsafe. They must be not share your personal information on social media online and be careful from anonymously online posts.

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