Telenor SMS Package Offers for the Year 2019


Telenor is truly loyal to the classic means of communicating when the call rates were very high in the early days. The SMS Texting was used very frequently, this became a trend is still one of the important way of expressing views. This is still the very best way to talk to somebody in that era of modern applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Keeping in mind, Telenor has provided us with some of the great SMS Packages. This article will cover all the SMS Packages Telenor is offering

Telenor SMS Packages

Telenor has categorized its SMS bundles into Five(5) different classes. Each one is discussed in great details.

  • Daily SMS Bundle
  • 5 Day SMS Bundle
  • Weekly SMS Bundle
  • 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle
  • Monthly SMS Bundle

Daily SMS Bundle

Texting someone with urgency and keeping in mind that without having any SMS Package is very costly. One can quickly activate Daily SMS bundle and can get a license to text for one whole day.

  • SMS: 200 + 40 SMS
  • Validity: One (1) Whole Day (24 Hours)
  • Price: Rs. 4.00
  • Activation: Dial *345*116#

5 Day SMS Bundle

5 Day SMS Bundle is the best for talking to your friends and family for 5 days without any charges. This will give you the freedom to text any network for affordable rates.

  • SMS: 300 SMS
  • Validity: 5 Days
  • Price: Rs. 7.00
  • Activation: Dial 555 or *345*015# 

Weekly SMS Bundle

Sending text messages has never been easier but with weekly SMS bundle. Active weekly SMS bundle and enjoy texting to your loved one.

  • SMS: 1000 + 200 SMS
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: Rs. 11.00
  • Activation: Can only be activated through Telenor website.

15 Day Economy SMS Bundle

Activate the 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle and stay connected to friends and loved ones.

  • SMS: 800 SMS
  • Validity: 15 Days
  • Price: Rs. 14.50
  • Activation: 555 or *345*112# 

Monthly SMS Bundle

Monthly SMS Bundle can relieve your tension for the entire month. It is easy to be activated and enjoy for the whole month.

  • SMS: 5000 + 1000 SMS
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Price: Rs. 40.00
  • Activation: *345*363#

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