Telenor has some rigorious plans for its 4G internet service in Pakistan.


Telenor telecom network company was started its 4G internet services from August 2016 in Pakistan, now they also have the plan to upgrade its network.

According to the Telenor, the company did rigorous planning for its fastest 4G internet service in Pakistan, and they also improve their service during the year of 2017. Telenor have around 300,000 4G users, and more than 2,000 sites enabled. Telenor company provide 4G network more than 100 cities in Pakistan.

The Director Segments & Products of Telenor, Omer Bin Tariq stated that,

We have converted more than 2,000 cell sites to 4G network during past three months with more to come in coming to quarter. Telenor Pakistan is already seeing tremendous response — in terms of uptake, service consumption, usage patterns and retention — from consumers, which is actually beyond what we were expecting.

He also mentioned that Telenor invests more in 4G network services and extend their 4G services in Pakistan. 850 MHz si the new band for the 4G network. Only India deploying 4G network in 850 MHz in India. The 850mhz band will provide the best internet service. It will provide great services in rural areas. The ecosystem of 4G also developed in Pakistan markets.

According to the market survey, they said that less than half mobile sets available in Pakistan which operates with the 850MHz band. Telenor also working on wiggle and dongle 4G internet network. The dongle and wingle provide the benefits in many ways.

Millions of rural area users looking for the best internet connection in their area. Telenor will provide the best services in Pakistan. Telenor will invest heavily for the improvement of 4G service and will become the top operator in Pakistan.

Omer Bin Tariq Said,

So [with a balanced strategy] along side working with phone makers, we are launching Telenor branded handsets and then wingles and dongles to make sure that phone compatibility is not an issue



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