Telenor Pakistan to Head Emerging Asia Cluster

Telenor Pakistan CEO, Irfan Khan become the head of Telenor Asia cluster. Irfan Khan joined Telenor from the very start. Thus he has a vast experience in the field of telecommunication. The company needed his expertness to uplift its Asian division.

Khan is now the EVP of Telenor Emerging Asia Division, is to join the office from 1st April 2019. Mr. Khan has a huge experience because of his past association with Telenor in both Asian and European offices.

Mr. Khan will remain the CEO of Telenor Pakistan operation in the meantime. He is directly appointed by Telenor President Sigve Brekke.

Brekke said, he is confident, Khan will bring new successes for Telenor. He said Khan, will work his additional role with great success, with its Asia business covering more than 130 million customers.

Emerging Asia Division is consist of countries like Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Malaysia. The operation is bringing positiveness to the local economies of the countries as well.


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