Telenor company annoucned ‘Tameer Microfinance Bank’ to ‘Telenor Microfinance Bank’


Telenor launched new name of Microfinance Bank, ‘Tameer Microfinance Bank‘ to ‘Telenor Microfinance Bank’.

Telenor is the largest telecom network in Pakistan. Telenor company was launched mobile banking ‘Easypaisa‘ financial service in 2009. Telenor company initially acquired 51 percent shares of Tamoor bank. But the last Telenor company acquired 49 percent remaining shares to Tamoor Microfinance Bank Limited and take a full control of the Bank.

Telenor telecom company also renamed Tameer Microfinance Bank to Telenor Bank. Telenor company also posted on twitter social media,

The President/CEO of Telenor appointed the CEO of Tameer bank. they mentioned that only the company name has been changed. Otherwise the company management, customers stay the same.

After the complete the transfer of Microfinance Bank, Telenor Bank will control all the balance sheets of the bank. Telenor Easypaisa Pakistan’s first largest mobile banking service and third largest branchless banking service in the world.

Telenor Bank was launched microfinance service in Pakistan and operated from 2005. It is the unbanked service. Tamoor bank was also bagged the best microfinance banking award in 2016. Telenor is the world’s largest telecom network company. They provide best services to its customers.

Telenor has 214 million customers. They not only operates in Pakistan, Telenor company operates in 6 Asian countries including, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand And also in Scandinavia, Central Eastern Europe. According to the Last month, Telenor transfers their ownership of  Telenor India to Bharti Airtel.

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