Talkase T3: Credit Card size mobilephone launched at Mobile World congress(MWC) 2017.


The most eye-catching mobile launched by Talkase T3 at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017. Talkase T3 is a credit size smartphone.

Talkase T3 is also connected with your original mobile phone through Bluetooth. It is also for those who tired of using of large mobile phones. They are launched its first mobile phone on Kickstarter in 2014. The manufacturer designed in an iPhone case.

Talkase also launches with micro-sim card adapter and equipped with a pin. They are also providing all the tools, people can easily transfer the sim into Talkase. But this mobile phone does not have features like other smartphones. Talkase does not have Camera, wifi internet, and other basic features.

Nowadays, people want everything in the smartphone but Talkase does not have these features. It is a backup phone when your mobile phone’s battery dead, people can work on Talkase 3.

Its battery timing is 100 hours and talk time 2.5 hours After the charged you can spend more than two days. It’s cost around $33 only. Talks 3 is an affordable device. This smartphone for those who does not have time to charge a mobile phone. It will give better battery timing than other smartphones.


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