A Talented Pakistani Boy: A Hotel waiter ‘Asghar Ali’ becomes a High-Level Hacker.


Asghar Ali is a waiter by Day and Night at Hotel, now become a Talented high-level hacker.

Asghar Ali works as a waiter at the hotel. According to the reports, he gets the information from the tutorials and he can learn about hacking by himself. He did not educate from anyone, he can teach the tricks by himself. The Royal news anchor, Chaudhry Mansab Ali interviewed to Asghar Ali, Mansab Ali said that,

This person has changed my mindset. He has impressed me since he has learnt all this without knowing of any concepts of hacking and cyber security. This young person has the talent to become a high-level hacker with some training.

He also added that Asghar Ali is weak from financial, that’s why he did not complete their studies. He does not understand the English language properly, But he learns from the Google and Youtube tutorials. He started, when he become a little popular the accounts of his Facebook and Skype were hacked. This incident makes him a desire to learn to hack and take back control.

He started a self study on hacking, he learned all about the hacking by himself from tutorials. He learned and get back control of his digital identity. Asghar said, hacking is my passion and I want to learn to hack. And the second priority is which earned some rebuke from his family.

When he started, he had no knowledge about hacking and he did not have any guider to guide him. And when he hacked the foreign English news channel, the developement force to his family to disconnect his internet and quite from hacking.

He apply for his career in Cyber Crime Department. But he had refused many time from Cyber Crime Department. Mansab Ali descided teach Asghar Ali.

The Chaudhry Mansab Ali found Asghar Ali, said that Asghar ali has talent and he will improve more himself and one day he will becomes a high level hacker. He shows that without any proper education he becomes a telented hacker from Pakistan. Mansab Ali’s new plans Asghar ali start his career in Ethical hacking and Cyber-security assistance.

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