Super mCharge: Chinese tech company launched fastest charging solution yesterday at Mobile World Congress 2017.


Now peoples can charge their mobile phone in very short time. Meizu, the Chinese tech company recently launched ‘Super mCharge’ yesterday at Mobile World Congress 2017.

Super mCharge launched by ‘Meizu’ Chinese tech company. Meizu launched its fastest charging solution at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. mCharge will charge quickly or in short time. It will be charged the mobile phone within 20 minutes. R&D also efforts in the manufacturing of mChharge.

According to the R&D team, The supervisor of Meizu Li Tao said that,

Innovation isn’t an easy job, but we believe that success comes from passion. We’ve overcome numerous difficulties and obstacles, to create the best technology for all, With Super mCharge, an empty battery can be fully charged in the same amount of time it takes to finish a cup of coffee.

In this charger, the manufacturer uses 11V/5A and it will transfer the power of 55W. They develop with an upgraded data cable, it will also reduce the heating system and does not have any heat issues. They also confirmed that, it’s not affected and safe for mobile phones. Super mCharge comes with the heat-management system.

source: Mirror

Meizu, also mentioned that the technology does not go higher than 39-degree centigrade. Everyone also knows that, without the proper safeguards. It will be damaged smartphone’s battery. Meizu also mentioned that mCharge provides 2 years guarantee.


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