Students from Sarhad University created a car which gives up to 180KM/litre



Three Pakistani students from Sarhad University, Peshawar have designed a special tiny car which can cover 180km in 1-litre fuel.

Three magnificent Pakistani students from the Sarhad University of Peshawar have just developed a magnificent car which gives an amazing mileage up to 180KM/litre.

This car runs on top of the line Fuel-injection system used which is currently used in motorcycles as well as cars, the car uses Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) which is run by a microprocessor which provides more efficiency and tends to be quite reliable.


The car has a really small and tiny form factor because it is cleverly designed from a motorcycle engine with the added feature of EFI which gives out the amazing 180KM/litre.

This project is said to be selected to attend the Asian Cars Exhibition in Singapore which will be held on 16,2017


The students are growing quite fast in the field of Automobiles by creating and coming up with new ideas as well as designs. Back in 2015, the students of PNEC,NUST created a mind-blowing 3-wheel prototype and a 4-whee Eco friendly car which also gave close to 150KM/litre.


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Sufyan Khan


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