Store More With 1TB microSD Cards


Every second of the clock bring tons of data daily. Because of this huge amount of data, there is a need for the bigger storage facility. We are in the world of smart technologies, our mobile devices need extra storage to keep our information safe.

Mobile World Congress is full of surprises this year. Every hour is the unveiling brand new tech. Micron and SanDisk brought happiness to faces of those, who are looking at the Samsung S10 Plus by launching there UHS-1 microSDXC products. Samsung S10 plus has the power to support 1 TB external storage.

Speed of microSD cards

SanDisk is claiming that there Read speed is high up to 160 MB/s but on the other hand, Micron  Read speed is 100MB/s. However, Micron edged SanDisk by 5MB/s in there Write speed which is 95MB/s.

Micron 1 TB mircoSD Card
Micron 1 TB MicroSD Card

SanDisk microSD card will be available from April for $499.99 but it’s a bit pricey as compared to their 512 GB SD cards pricing for $199.99. Micron hasn’t announced the prices yet.


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