State Bank Of Pakistan introduce Coin of Rs. 50 in memory of Abdul Sattar Edhi.


State Bank of Pakistan,  Ashraf Mahmood Wathra introduced new coins of Rs. 50 in the memory of late Abdul Sattar Edhi. 

State also announced the releasing date of Rs.50 Commemorative Coin. The coin will be unveiled from 31st, March 2017. After the official launch, the coin will be available to the public.

The Federal Government take the decision and decided to launched Commemorative Coin in the memory of Abdul Sattar Edhi. The coin will be issued from through the exchange counters. People can avail of Commemorative Coin from exchange counters from March 31, 2017. State Bank of Pakistan was authorized to introduce Rs 50 coin.

These are the composition, shape, dimension and design of Rs. 50 commemorative coin:

  • Metal composition: Cupro-Nickel, Copper 75% & Nickel 25%
  • Dimension: 30.0 mm
  • Weight: 13.5 grams

The state bank of Pakistan governor performed a ribbon cutting after the ceremony. He also visited the art gallery of State Bank of Pakistan and Museum with Faisal Edhi and with other guests. Faisal Edhi thanked on the behalf of Edhi’s family, and he said the service of late Adul Sattar Edhi will be remembered. Jimmy Engineer also said that Edhi is the legend for the whole world and he received such a great inspiration from Edhi’s service.

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