Polar bears used to be symbolic of strength, power, and leadership. However, due to climate change, pollution, hunting, and many other threats, they are now a vulnerable species that needs saving. Enormous icebergs in the Arctic, the habitat of these white bears, have been melting for two decades, which leads to a decrease in their amount because of the lack of food and dwelling.

It is also why a poor, skinny female white bear had to plead for help while she was desperately searching for something to eat. Since she was too hungry and couldn’t catch any fish, the estimated creature dug through garbage heaps, where she found an empty condensed milk tin can and tried to lick some little milk left in its bottom.

Unfortunately, the starving bear’s tongue was stuck. Miserably, she walked into Dikson, a remote settlement in northernmost Russia, so that people would notice and rescue her. Her despaired, scared eyes were spotted outside a door. The inhabitants here could not ignore her, yet they were not able to remove the can, so they sounded the alarm.

Because the weather was too bad to fly here, a team of vets from Moscow Zoo had to delay their emergency flight. Therefore, people were worried that the starving bear might not be able to survive. Luckily, the team arrived and quickly cut the can with their tools.


Mikhail Alshinetsky, a vet from Moscow Zoo, examined the bear. She was over a year old and weighed only 90kg. Besides, she was slightly dehydrated and had several cuts in her mouth caused by sharp metal. However, the tongue’s underlying muscles were not affected, so she would most likely recover. After being placed under anesthetic, she was carried to their rescue center, where she was monitored, fed, and treated. According to Svetlana Radionova, head of Russia’s environmental watchdog, the team left three bags of fish near the bear. Hence, when she woke up from the anesthetic, she had a delicious meal to enjoy.