Sony launched its most advanced camera A9 for professional photography.


Sony launched its new ‘A9’ professional camera for photography. A9 is full frame and the most advanced professional camera.

A9 is the full frame camera for professional photographers. Sony launched with many advanced features including,  full-frame stacked CMOS sensor (24.2 megapixels), continuous shooting capabilities, 693 autofocus points, shoots 4K video, 5-axis in-body stabilisation, dual SD card slots.

The company ready to launch A9, they also mentioned the date of launching. A9 will be launched on 25th May 2017 in the United States. Expected that Sony will sell to sports photographers because A9 have the fast-moving and other features. People can shoot up to 20 frames-per-second for up to 241 consecutive RAWs (or 362 JPEGs).

According to the sony company, the others camera shutter speed is 1/32,000sec maximum, But A9 calculating Af/AE up to 60 times per second. Sony also have an autofocus joystick, it will help in picture focus. The also claims that the upcoming Sony A9 professional camera is “the world’s first of its kind” and the A9 also allow the data speed processing.


 The company stated that,

This all adds up to a luminance that is 2x higher than the XGA OLED Tru-Finder from the α7R II, creating a viewfinder image with a brightness level that is nearly identical to the actual scene being framed, ensuring the most natural shooting experience.

According to its battery, the camera offers provides 2.2X extra capacity as compared to the previous Sony camera. The Tru-Finder is customizable, people can customise the settings for match action, people can set for 60fps or 120fps.

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