Sony comes out with a 1000 fps Phone camera lens


Sony has been well known for it smartphone cameras and its sensors even on professional DSLR’s but it is the most recent sensor that Sony has come up with which is the most Mind blowing.

Sony’s new sensor consistes of 3 layer stacked CMOS image sensor which has its own RAM to help it perform better.

The RAM helps to take capture the surrounding data as quickly as possible, to compare it, it takes a 19.3 MP image in justy 1/120 th of a second which is 4 times faster than Sony’s competition.

This also helps the image to be more clear and more finely processed by reducing focal placed disorder but the most amazing thing is that it doesnt need any fancy setup to work with, just a smartphone with an image processor.

The most incredible feature of the lens is that it is able to capture Ultra slow motion video. to compare it, the iphone only has 120 fps at 1080P while this phone has 1000fps on 1080p

Have a look yourself:



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Sufyan Khan


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