There are many ways to rock as a man. Maybe you are into street style and love wearing Jordans and snapbacks. Or maybe you prefer a suit instead of a jumper. Some general fashion “don’ts” and some major “please don’ts” are things you shouldn’t even think about.
Jessica Saia was asked by The Bold Italic to put something together for a men’s fashion show and after teaming up with Isla Bell Murray, the two decided to try something different. The list of male fashion dos and don’ts is accurate and hilarious.

#1 T-shirts

#2 Footwear

Seriously, what kind of psychopath wears socks and sandals like this? Still, this satire is just hilarious.

#3 Sunglasses

#4 Jorts

This really had us rolling on the floor laughing. What are those inverse shorts? Like putting on two thigh-high socks and then cutting off the part below the ankles. Can we even call these shorts? Have to give a million likes to whoever came up with this idea.

#5 Watches

#6 Button downs

“Everyone has a favorite shirt or sweater; think about what you like about it and then try to find things that have those elements to it. Also, trying on a certain kind of jacket or pants that you’ve never worn before can be really surprising,” shared Jessica.

She also shared that no matter what the style is, having all the clothes fit can make a huge difference. And for us, remember that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, just behind the oil industry. So, don’t waste your clothes. Learn how to prolong your apparel. And shopping at second-hand stores is actually not that bad. You may find a favorite item at a reasonable price.