Sindh Government will Soon Offer a Software to Prevent Mobile Snatching or Stealing


Sindh IG Allah Dino, was holding a meeting where all government officials have announced to introduce a software in order to reduce the mobile snatching practices in various parts of the country.

The key purpose of this meeting was to tell the officials about the precautionary steps taken by Sindh government to reduce street crimes in the city of Karachi.  The main attendees of the meeting were AIG Mushtaq Maher, CPLC Chief Zubair Habib and DIG Sultan Ali Khawaja.

This meeting had few decisions to secure people from street crimes.  A software has been planned to introduce that will help out in investigating the stolen Mobile phone. This special software will work together with all phones through registration of IMEI number of cell phone along with SIM card number.

After missing your mobile, you can request for blocking your SIM card, through this blockage your phone also will be blocked by using IMEI number. Thus your cell phone becomes useless for any snatcher.

Through this smart technique you will have a less probability to lose your mobiles and the snatcher get less chance to steal cell phone.


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Zahra Zar


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