Here are the signs of might suffer a heart attack.


In Pakistan, 30% of 40% peoples died due to a heart attack every year. The reports mentioned that 200,000 people died every year due to heart attacks. There are the few possible signs indicative of a heart attack.

Not being able to exercise like before

The heart is very close to your stamina. Your stamina may indicate you might suffer heart attack. When patients describes the shortness of breath and shortness of endurance doctors are aware of this signs. Patients indicate that some tasks they could do every day but now impossible for them. These statements are enough for the doctors they catch the problem easily.

Chest Pain:

Chest pain is the most important signs of the heart attack. Moreover, the 90 percent heart attack patients complaint about the chest pain. It is the most important sign that will indicate about the heart attack. The chest pain is not one type of pain, it can be including, or it may feel like someone is sitting on your chest, stopping you from breathing properly, sharp sting, a consistent, dull pain all over the chest.

Dizziness, Lightheadedness:

Dizziness means that feel unexplained pain in various parts of the body and women feels like vomiting, shortness of breath, neck pain, jaw pain, congested throat-like feeling, back pain. That pain people can think about the pain came from the jaw and arms, but it’s actually coming from the heart.

Heavy breaths:

Heavy breath is the important indication for the heart attack, when you try to do something but you can’t. It is possible to experience very heavy breathing even you have not moved your muscle or even you have not do anything and you feel like your heart is not able properly.

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