Showcase Your Talent Through Ufone Bakamal Pakistan


Pakistan is the land of great talent, however, every talented individual needs a platform to express itself. But not every individual has resources to showcase his/her skills. So to give “Bakamal” peoples exposure Ufone is actually going great work. Hiring skill individuals with handsome pays and environment to polish their skills. On the other hand, Ufone Bakamal Pakistan is an opportunity for people with skills but no resources.

Ufone Bakamal Pakistan

Ufone Bakamal Pakistan is a platform to attract talent peoples to shine their skill on the national platforms. The applicants have to submit the form on Ufone site. Ufone has a team which will review the form. After completing the selection process they will contact you to join them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel. So Ufone is giving a stage to the applicants for presenting their skill whether they are sportsman, photographers, musicians or with any other skill.

U can apply by filling the form or sharing videos & images via WhatsApp on 03330991212 or through email on [email protected]. The form contains the basic introduction of the applicant and his/her skills. You have to sign a consent so that Ufone is not responsible for any injuries caused to you in any event while showing your skills.

The selection process is quite lengthy but the selection is purely based on auditions. You can come to auditions in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar & Quetta. Candidate must be in time on the day of his/her selection.

Ufone is a huge brand, by giving such a chance is to encourage skilled individuals providing with viewership. They are helping the appreciates talent to get exposure at the National platform which is really an admirable job. Many talented individuals will register their talent in the near future via Ufone Bakamal Pakistan. This will be fruitful for our country in coming days INSHALLAH.

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