SHESKILLS in collaboration with WECREATE is launching tech bootcamps to empower women in Pakistan with digital skills


SheSkills is now coming to Pakistan to empower women with help of digital skills boot camps.

Here in Pakstan, we are facing a lack of boot camps which teaches the skills like coding, digital marketing, designing and other skills. In Pakistan, only 14% of women are now participating in the tech industry of Pakistan. According to World Bank report in 2014 in Pakistan, over 196 million of the total population 48% are women and less than 25% of the women are working women.

SheSkills Program

SheSkills has been planned by the coordinated effort of Ladies Learning Code, Women Techmakers, and WECREATE Pakistan. Saad Hamid, a self-portrayed digital evangelist, and group mobilizer is the main thrust behind the possibility of SheSkills boot camps. He told Express Tribune,

“The idea of SheSkills came amid a late narrating workshop which we directed only for ladies. Toward the finish of it, we were overpowered with solicitations from young ladies who needed to learn aptitudes like coding, advanced advertising, and outline.”

This program will allow more women power to get involved in technology. The time duration of the program is 6-week which will offer physical classes and online lectures. The women who are between 16 to 40 years old are invited to learn web development, social media marketing, freelancing. Saad adds,


“The basic reason behind arranging the program is to give them basic knowledge about digital skills first and upskill later. The purpose of the program is to help them in building their on businesses, by developing their own products.

Something we needed to do is train ladies how to assemble a good site within few days without broad coding knowledge. That’ll help them get outsourcing contracts or begin their own items,”

In the remaining part, of course, we will show members how to utilize programmings like Canva and Photoshop. The cost of going to the boot camp will be US$20 every week or US$120 in total. Every week will be educated by a new teacher – who will be get paid with the goal that norms are kept up. Ladies will be given alternatives on what they need to study.


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Saad Kakakhel


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