See The World Bigger With Oppo 10x Lossless Zoom System

For tech giants, 2019 is becoming a greater challenge. Samsung came with its new idea of Foldable screen which stunned the world. Yet Foldable Screen needs more refinement in near future.

Surprisingly Oppo came with the new technological advancement, real-time 10x Optical zoom system. Cameras are an important part of living our everyday life. Taking pictures and growing memories is what we all buy expensive phones. On another hand Oppo 10x Zoom promise hit the market by storm when the world is introduced to new smartphone technology with reduced size, Oppo has been working on making images fine.

How Oppo 10x Lossless Zoom System

The question is simple, what is Oppo 10x Zoom System? The 10x Optical zoom is achieved by the Periscope setup inside the phone. The mechanism is quite interesting: Light enters the one lens, immediately reflected by a mirror placed into the array of additional lenses. Then the image sensor comes into action which is placed perpendicular to the phones’ body. The telephoto lens Oppo’s array has: 35mm equivalence of 160mm. With that lens, a regular wide-angle lens, and a super-wide-angle that’s 16mm equivalent, you get the full 10x range that Oppo promises.

Having an ultra-wide lens is not new, companies like LG and others tested this before. But what Oppo did they put Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) and reduced the size of the phone while improving the zoom, which is actually quite a thing.

Oppo presented the prototype of the 10x zoom system at Mobile World Congress. Which stunned the audience because they made such a compacted system. They didn’t compromise the physical structure of the phone.

Oppo didn’t test the prototype on video mood. As this is a three-camera system, one of which has periscopic inside the phone working in complete harmony.

The 10x zoom system is really desinged for subject that is distance from you. The Image quality is really improved with image stabilizer which is then indeed a great achievement. The expected sale will start this summer.

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