Secrets are revealed that why Samsung Note 7 turn into a time-bomb


Samsung released their one of the best selling smartphone Note 7 in September 2016, which was called back because of numerous fault occurrences. The phone was extremely dangerous and many smartphones were blasts in different places due to unknown reasons. The gadget was restricted to use on every single aircraft, including PIA. After seeing this all the smartphone Note 7 was strictly banned by the government.

To discover the main reason of the Galaxy Note 7 blasts, Samsung examined each part of the Galaxy Note 7, Through a huge scale testing office where around 700 Samsung specialists and architects repeated the occurrences by testing more than 200,000 completely collected gadgets and more than 30,000 batteries, After many months and all tests Samsung at last finished up and came up with the reason.

The examinations presumed that the batteries were the reason for the Galaxy Note 7 blasts and all faults. President DJ Koh, Samsung Electronics, shared all, the point which they examine in the testing office and apologized to Galaxy Note 7 clients.

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Samsung is focusing on safety processes such as the multi-layer safety measures and 8-Point Battery Safety Check which are given below:
Here are some 8 tests to check battery safety

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