Seasonic Prime Titanium the “600W Fanless PSU” is best in performance ever


Speaking of PSUs, we do have a limited range to pick from, which fulfills our need while keeping it low on the budget But what we have come across recently, has blown our minds away (Pun intended). The 600W fanless Seasonic Prime Titanium PSU is an absolute beauty!

17 151 160 09 Seasonic Prime Titanium The finest 600W fanless PSU of all times!

Seasonic Prime Titanium

Popular forums like Kitguru have awarded it with the title of ‘The finest power supplies of 2017’ and there is absolutely no doubt about it. The 600W fanless unit flaunts the £199.99price tag for a reason. We’ll soon cover all its specifications in detail, till then, watch this exclusive unboxing by Mr. Leo Waldock from Kitguru.

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Zill-e- Huma


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