SBP Denies Rumors of New Currency Note Design


With reference to the news items circulating in people regarding the issuance of new design of currency notes of different denominations, the SBP has categorically and vehemently  rejected all such news items.

There is no plan to refresh banknotes designs in the near future.

It is further clarified that SBP Act, 1956 clearly delineates the functions of different authorities in the matter of selection of design of banknotes. Specifically, section 27 of the Act requires a recommendation of Board of Directors of SBP before the Government makes any decision concerning design, form and of banknotes.

The SBP Board has not submitted any recommendation in this respect, to Government of Pakistan or Cabinet. The public is requested to pay no heed to any such rumors-mongering which is aimed at creating unnecessary hype and anxiety in the public.

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Arooj Fatima


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