Say Goodbye To The PTCL Paper Billing


PTCL set a goal to put end to paper billing, “you know they did it“. The year 2019 is the year where we can see last paper bills from PTCL.

Paper Making

Papermaking requires a huge effort, therefore the waste of paper is very dangerous for our ecosystem. More than 90% of paper today is made from Wood Pulp, mostly from Softwood coniferous trees such as spruce. To make paper sheets, it demands cutting many trees. With such effort, waste of paper is really unacceptable.

PTCL Paper Bills

As we know the PTCL Bills are thrown away after a single use. So to stop wasting precious asset, PTCL becomes the first company of Pakistan to endpaper bills this year.

Paper Dream of Dubai

Dubai is planning to take Paper from peoples lives and put it into the museum. They are planning to completely replace paper with technology. However, its ambitious task but as said ‘where there is a will there is a way‘.

PTCL E-Billing

In this case, we should thank PTCL for there efforts to bring technology into play. With the help of Email and SMS services, they are informing the customers about their bill on time. A customer receives a copy of the bill every month via email. He/she can pay the bill by visiting PTCL outlets for E-Payment of bills.

Customer e-Bill Registration

The customer can visit PTCL Official Website and fill up the form asking the simple questions like Name, Owner CNIC, Telephone No (with area code), Account ID etc.


Customer e-Bill Registration
Customer e-Bill Registration

There is another way, a user can simply call from his/her mobile or landline number. After giving answers about owners bio-data. The company will activate the PTCL e-Billing service.

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