Satechi introduces A voltmeter To Keep you Safe From Gone Bad Type-C Cables


Nowadays phones, laptops and other devices are getting thinner and thinner leaving no space for standard USB cable ports, so we have adopted to a newer version of it which is thinner as well as faster but everything has its good factors as well as bad and the ” USB type-C ” has a really bad Factor!

Researchers recently conducted tests which came with the conclusion that the cables are not safe to use because a little bit of fault in the cable can cause the power level to grow to extreme limits or close to none making it a problem for consumers because it is slowly becoming the heir to the throne after standard 13.3 mm thick connector.

They say that with every problem comes its solution and they were correct!

A company called Satechi came up with a brilliant solution to this problem and created a USB type-C stick with  a Digital volt metre in the middle leading to a USB type-C port which cleverly tells you the volts the cable is receiving, it tells you if the current flowing through the cable is too high or too low.


Even though the device costs $30 but believe me it is worth it because it is our and our phones safety in hands on it and one wrong twist and turns in the wire and god knows what can happen! the device is not available with everyone and you need to have a trusted source to get your hands on one.

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Sufyan Khan


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