Samsung galaxy S8 is to outsource their batteries to be created by Sony


Samsung is outsourcing their batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S8 for production by Sony.

After the huge disaster of Note 7s catching fire Samsung has chosen not to create batteries on their own and was on the search for companies to provide them with batteries and Sony became the third company that provides Samsung with batteries after

  • SDI Co
  • Hong Kong-based Amperex Technology Ltd.

Sony will provide Samsung with lithium- ion batteries to Samsung which will hopefully be used in the Samsung Galaxy S8

According to the reports given by Washington street journal the orders placed to Sony for the batteries is less than the orders placed to the other two manufacturers.

This act reflects on The case when Samsung had to recall all of its 3Million Note 7 phones after they started to explode their battery and in order to regain the trusts of their customers back they are willing to use their competitors created batteries in their Phones which will be safe aswell as good for the relationship between the two companies.

Inorder to look for the sole cause of the explosions Samsung spent months and came up with the conclusion that the explosions were caused by an overheating issue and that issue caused the Huge company to shamefully call back their phones.

Samsung has also taken a few steps in advance to avoid further insults in the battery department by creating a Battery Advisory Group of external advisers, academic and research experts which will ensure no further battery related problems.


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Sufyan Khan


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