Samsung Galaxy latest smartphones ‘Galaxy S8’ and ‘Galaxy S8 Plus’ have issue with Wireless charging


The latest smartphones ‘Samsung Galaxy S8‘ and Galaxy S8 Plus have an issue with the Qi wireless chargers.

Samsung is the smartphone company, it is one of the largest smartphone manufacturer company in the world. The company launch every year S series smartphone. It is the most awaited smartphone. They recently launched its latest smartphone ‘Galaxy S8’ and ‘Galaxy S8 Plus’ last month. But unfortunately, the smartphone have a big issue with wireless charging.

Many owners of latest smartphone ‘Samsung Galaxy S8’ and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus‘ reported that the smartphone have an issue with Qi wireless charging. The smartphone does not charge properly with the wireless charging.

The Samsung company also launched Galaxy Note 7 last year, the Note 7 also had the issue with the battery caught fire, a lot of Samsung users had disappointed about that. Now the issue came again with its latest devices. According to the video the same charger, charge the Galaxy S7 but it is not charging the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The Video proves that the fault in the cell phone not in the Charge because the same charge is working very well with Galaxy S7.

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