Samsung Galaxy Fold Release Postponed


United States Tech market receives the bad news of the delay of the Galaxy Fold. Samsung was supposed to start the commercial sells from April 26th, 2019. But right after the first review units found with some severe technical issues. Today The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) breaks the news says that Samsung delays the release date of Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Delays Galaxy Fold Release

In the mid of April Samsung delivers the first pre-order review units to some famous tech reviewers. The reviewer releases articles/videos rating Galaxy Fold with 5-stars. But a day of using, the news starts developing which shocked the tech media that the Fold display is causing some kinda problem. Our previous article discussed the issue in great detail, the Galaxy Fold screen breaks due to two main reasons.

One is technical and the other one is mostly referring to the users’ issue. There at the middle of the fold starts a bump kinda dust, which travels from the one side to the other. Or the screen starts blacking out due to numbers of folding and unfolding. Samsung calls this problem as technical malfunctioning. However, some reviewers remove the polymer screen protector which immediately causes the screen to stop working. This is what Samsung is calling the Usage issue.

Samsung after a day when the problem has been reported respond to look through with seriousness and solve the issue soon. Delay of the Galaxy Fold is the way to analyze and solve the display problem.

Samsung releases no statement in response to WSJ reports which means that WSJ report is correct. But so far no official statement has been issued by Samsung yet.

However, rumors are saying that Samsung is planning to delay the phone for at least the next month. Samsung priced the Fold almost $2,000. Therefore it is important for them to fix the screen malfunction soon permanently.

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