Samsung Files Patent for Bezel-less,Notch-Free Galaxy Future Phone

Samsung has patented a samsung set design concept that does away with bezel-free device and has no notch .

Samsung still havenot gone for the notched aesthetic just like other manufactures -but now it is confirmed that Samsung is also working on a futuristic,all out bazel-free device.

The new design of Samsung device has no buttons on the front,no dedicated housing for front or back fingerprint sensors ,no notches,no headphone jack and almost no bezels.

Patent Filed:

The patent has been filed with Trademark office and US concept , just to make it the next big Samsung flagship.This Samsung is unlikely to be for the Note 9. Note 9 will be launch this August .Its design is same as Note series ,a similar rectangular design with curved edges.

Its 3D facial recognition is likely Xiaomi and Oppo have done for their flagships.



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