Samsung Contract with Apple: Samsung Manufacture 160 Million display screens for Apple iPhone 8.


Samsung signed in contract with Apple, they are manufactured 160 million screens upcoming mobile phone iPhone 8 OLED display screens at $4.3 billion.

According to the investor Korean Herald, Samsung display’s are manufactured in Korean Company. Last year, they are also agreed to manufacture 100 millions of OLED displays for Apple iPhone smartphones in Koran Company. and now the addition on 60 millions more. Now Samsung manufactures 160 million OLED display screens of Apple iPhone 8.

source: BGR

There are a lot of company who manufactures display screens but apple contracted with Samsung manufacturers and launch at the 10th anniversary of Apple’s. The new iPhone smartphone cost around 104,785 around in Pakistan ($1000). They are launch in September in this year. iPhone 8 have 5.2 to 5.8 expected OLED bezel screen display with fingerprint sensors in this device. They are also launching wireless charger for this device.

source: Phone Arena

Samsung’s manufacture is world famous display screen manufacturers in the world. In market 95% of the smartphones display screens manufactured by Samsung manufacturers. Samsung uses 70% percent of its own Samsung mobiles. Samsung S8 also launched the AMOLED screen display and iPhone uses LCDs for smartphones.

According to the Apple brand, they are sales highest smartphones in last half year. Samsung and Apple are the top companies of smartphones in the world, people like Samsung and apple mobile phones over the world they have some serious competiitions in both smartphone companies.

But there are not comfired report about the deal between samsung and apple.

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