Same Call Rates with Djuice One Plan

Managing regular calls is not easy, networks charge much more if you don’t have any package activated. However, Telenor gives you many options daily to look and choose. So clearly user needs a suited package for their network to save money. Every plan has some positives and some negatives, but not with Djuice One Plan. Talk 24 Hours with your friends and family without any kind of risk of money lost.

Djuice One Plan is set to manage calls to your FnF list. It allows you to choose 15 contacts to your FnF list. Now you get the cheapest rates to those numbers in your FnF list for 24 hours. The offer also entertains other networks, SMS and internet data MBs.

There are Call setup charges of 12.5 Paisa on every call user made.

Djuice One Plan

FnF Call Charges: On-Net Rs. 0.60 Only
Off-Net Call Charges Rs. 1.50 Only
SMS Rs. 1.20 Only
Internet 3G/4G Rs. 0.74 / 64kB
Activation From Telenor Website


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