Russia is offering free visa for football world cup


Russia is offering free visa for football world cup:

This article is about the Russia offering free visa for football world cup. As we know that football world cup event is coming in few days. So that’s why Russia revealed new scheme for football fans to watch the football world cup 2018 without any visa. This report has been confirmed by the Russian government. The Russian president has signed on this scheme of the free visa system.

Russian Government:

The fans can enter in Russia by the organized way of Russian government like the fans who buy the tickets so the Russian government issued the Fan ID through this ID fans can enter in the football ground. This scheme is available for the dates surrounding of the football tournament. In this event fans of the world football cup can be entered without a visa. On the other side, the Russian embassy in Washington DC has also passed that statement all the fans have to need to travel fans ID and their valid passport for the Football world cup. FIFA 2018 World Cup will be held on June 14 to July 15, 2018, in Russia.

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