Resident Evils fan remake company starts its own title


Before the game ” resident Evil 2 Remake” was even announced, the game development company ” Indie Studio Invader Studios”  started to work on a remake aswell and by the looks of it, it would’ve been a blast but unfortunately Capcom requested them to stop the games development but Indie Studios was to far ahead to stop and they went ahead to create a new title known as ” Daymare: 1998″ and is thrown on Kickstarter in the search of funds.

I dont know why im getting excited but by the looks of Daymare: 1998 the game is inspired  by many other titles except from Resident Evil but also on some of the other 90s horror game.

From an artistic point of view, Daymare: 1998 is inspired by those movie and game productions. What emerges from this mix is a constant and oppressive sense of danger, helplessness and fear conveyed by an extremely suggesstive and creepy setting; a typical dirty and chaotic American town as depicted in many 90’s productions.

The trailer of the game has also been released to the Kickstarter and you cam see it down below:

The game developers are at the moment looking for funds on Kickstarter to release the game in the  future to be released on PC and Consoles in 2018, for more updates stay tuned to

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Sufyan Khan


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