The Qualcomm partnered with Chinese investment company to work on lowest cost chipset.


Qualcomm partnered with the Chinese investment company ‘Jianguang Asset Management(JAC)’ to work on the low-cost chipset.

Qualcomm is the American multinational telecommunications company, it is also the largest chipset manufacturer company in the world. The Qualcomm company recently announced its partnership with Chinese Investment Company ‘Jianguang Asset Management (JAC)’ to work on the lowest cost Chipset.

According to the Digitimes, they reported that the company ready to work with Jianguang Asset Management (JAC). They also reported that both the companies works together to develop lowest cost chipset. The company also mention the cost of the chipset. They develop the chipset under $10. Now the low-cost smartphones will provide the best quality smartphones in the world and will be able to fastest chipset of Qualcomm.

The both companies hold the shares of 50%. They also revealed its plans, they will operate for this project from China. They mentioned that that chipset will not competition with the high-end chipsets.


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