PTCL register that in past year (2016) the ratio of increase of profit is 53%


PTCL Register that in past year (2016) the ratio of increase of profit is 53%:

Particle PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) is one of the most leading telecom service providers of the year, PTCL provide the telecom and ICT service in Pakistan, the financial result of the year (2016) has announced by the board of Directors meeting, which was held in the Islamabad on the 8, Feb 2017, So this is the official result of the PTCl. In past year the ratio of increase of profit is 53%, in the pricing Rs. 117.2 billion and the reduced expenses are 3%.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Achievement:

This is a good achievement by the PTCL in the past year 2016 due to a continuous effort to controlling costs so the result is even better than the 2015 result. In the past year the PTCl 25% increase the funds because of short term investment. The profit of the year was Rs. 6.8 billion after accounting for the VSS cost, the increasing ratio is 13% over the last year (2015) And the net profit of the PTCL Rs. 9.9 billion. The revenue of the PTCL was 71.4 billion.

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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Expenses:

The expenses of the company’s operator during the period were reduced 7%. Likewise, the PTCL group net benefit for the year was Rs. 1.6 billion, which would have been Rs. 4.7 billion, 152% expansion over a year ago, had there been no VSS. With the target to adjust the assets to the present market challenges, PTCL actualized a Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) amid 2016 and the related expenses Of Rs. 4.6 billion was accounted for in the monetary after effects of 2016.

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