PTCL release anthum for Islamabad United During the Pakistan Super League 2017.

PTCL released the anthem for the Islamabad United during the Pakistan Super League(PSL) 2017. Last year, on the success of the Islamabad franchise PTCL has announced to partnered with Islamabad.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) released the new anthem for Islamabad united as titled ‘Tu Kitna Rola Day Ga’ in Pakistan Super League 2017. This anthem showed that we stand for the Pakistan not only for the city.

They also showed that how country excited for PSL. The video also showed that crowd reacts like nail-biting during the Islamabad United Pakistan Super League matches 2017.

PTCL also said on Social media Facebook Page,

PTCL’s tribute to cricket fans no matter where they are and which team they are cheering for…

 Here’s the video uploaded at the PTCL Facebook page around 8 PM on 18 February. People watched this video 212,000 times. The Twitter fan also post some tweets. PTCL anthem video received positive comments on social media.

In all Pakistan can use PTCL Evo for live streaming of the Islamabad united PSL 2017 matches. Here’s the Video of PTCL anthem for Islamabad United PSL 2017.


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