PTCL: Pakistan’s largest telecommunications company announced Financial result.


PTCL, Pakistan’s largest telecommunication company announced its financial result of 2016. The meeting held at Board of Director in Islamabad 8 February 2017. They are announced 53% profit during the year 2016.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) compared to last year, they are increased profit during the year of 2016. According to financial result 2016, they accounted around 4.6 billion amount during the year. And 1.6 billion profit during the year.

Source: PhoneWorld

President of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Dr Daniel Ritz said that,

PTCL Group is committed to building a digital and connected Pakistan. He informed that the PTCL Group is investing extensively in transforming and upgrading its network to provide reliable and resilient high speed internet and telephone services.

Due to continuing efforts of PTCL group, they are increasing 25% in cash-based. They are also said that they are stabled in 2016 with a lot of efforts and make a profit 53% during the year 2016. 71.4 Billion from fixed broadband revenue. Company’s total expenses during the year. 6% of operating profits. According to the VSS cost accounting, 6.8 billion net profit for the year and net profit of PTCL is 9.9 billion during the year.

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