PTCL Makes Connections With Valves Dubai Servers To Get Better Ping


Ping is the most biggest factor in online gaming quality ( the higher the worse ) and PTCL acknowledges that and is on the run to improve that, previously back in 2013 PTCL improved their connections in the Europe and Singapore region and now PTCl has taken it a step further by going after dubai’s servers

Users will now have 25-75 ms lag free latency to enjoy on games such as Dota 2 and CSGO.

Previously Pakistani gamers could only play using the European and Singapore’s servers with an average ping of 170 but now Dubai enables us to get better results for gaming in pakistan which means that low ping will get us smooth, fast and lag free gaming.

Even though PTCL tried to make connections with Dubai’s servers but could not due to some limitations on both sides but now they were abe to obtain transit with valve’s network provider in Dubai due to which direct peering is now possible.

Transit route to Valve;s dubai servers:



traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
 2 (  0.632 ms   0.435 ms   0.639 ms
 3 (  0.405 ms   0.421 ms   0.632 ms
 4 (  3.782 ms   3.141 ms   2.065 ms
 5 (  21.883 ms   24.033 ms   22.952 ms
 6 (  23.560 ms   23.528 ms   23.896 ms
 7 (  49.074 ms   48.006 ms   50.353 ms
 8 (  50.767 ms   50.630 ms   52.291 ms
 9 (  47.762 ms   47.626 ms   48.082 ms
10 (  50.331 ms   49.798 ms   50.162 ms

Pakistani Gamers should now get major improvements in gaming and hopefully it will continue
to improve!

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Sufyan Khan


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